#SATs Superstars

This half-term, we have worked extremely hard to prepare for our end of Primary School SATs in grammar, reading and maths. To help us to prepare for our grammar, we re-capped all that we have been taught so far (we did this through playing games, creating rhymes and saying to help us to remember etc). Practising for our reading was hard work but great fun; we really focused on our inference and deduction skills and we spent a lot of time building up our confidence to answer vocabulary-based questions. By the time we came to sit our arithmetic paper, we were ready to ‘smash’ it, as we had nailed our arithmetic methods.  Lots of us attended after school Brainbusters to help us to feel even more confident and prepared; in these after school sessions, we were able to practise whatever it was that we felt was an area for development, e.g. adding fractions, spelling of tricky words, comprehension skills etc.

As well as all of this, we have continued to go to the leisure centre on a weekly basis and have continued to learn to play the steel pans; at the minute, we are learning ‘Stay with me’ by Sam Smith and we’re loving it!

We have also been carrying out a range of Science investigations to help us to build upon our investigative skills.


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