This half-term Oak Class have worked as Developers at Portal Digital for boss, Olive Stein. We have enjoyed coming to ‘work’ each day (wearing ID badges and work clothes), as opposed to school.

Each week we received QR codes outlining our weekly tasks. One of the tasks we received was to create an educational video explaining what the Circulatory System is and how it works; we had great fun doing this as we were able to show off all of the research that we had carried out. We also created posters/factfile pages to accompany the video.

Healthy lifestyles was also something we were asked to research into. This brought about lots of debate within our Digipod, as some people believed that a healthy lifestyle was eating healthy, however, research informed us that it was a lot more than that; a healthy lifestyle involves a balanced diet, being active, not using too much electronic equipment, drinking water and ensuring you have sufficient sleep.

In addition to this, we were asked by Olive Stein to research into some countries around the world. We chose Yorkshire, Sicily and New England. The reason we chose these places was because they are very different. We demonstrated our knowledge of these places through describing geographical features of them, e.g. physical and human features.

Some other areas that we carried out work on were: the heart, blood and blood vessels; Grammar revision; fractions, decimals and percentages; playscripts and issues and dilemmas.


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